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Meeting Summaries

To sum up some things from today's July 2, 2013 weekly meeting:
  1. Megan will Google+ chat with Ritisha at 10am PST on Wednesday (10:30pm Bangalore)
    1. If Scooter and Alex can join that will be great
    2. Graham is out
  2. Node Defaults
    1. The nodes will not require input from the user to function- they will inherit default Rule/State table references and values based on the type(s) of edges connected as inputs.
  3. Megan will provide Ritisha with an example of a small mTor pathway sketch that will include:
    1. input logic for each node
    2. output function for each node
    3. sketch of starting state, middle state and predicted end/homeostatic state
    4. for example if start node A activates B and B activates C and C deactivates B
      1. Start Node (Ritisha, eventually this will be replaced by an implicit input node into the top node i.e., NodeA below, but for this first draft, the user will just wire it in as a separate trigger node)
      2. Node A– if inputStart==1: outputA+=0.001
      3. Node B– if inputA>0.5: outputB+=0.01-inputC*0.6
      4. Node C– if inputB>0.2:outputC+=0.005
  4. State Machine vs Rules
    1. Ritisha may decide which to use as long as the node references a separate State or Rule table that is independent of the node
    2. Graham's interpretation of Scooter's initial suggestion for a State Table:
      1. I suggest that a Rule table can be converted into a better organized and more efficient Rule table simply by adding the columns CurrentState and NextState to the existing If and Output columns of a simple Rule table to convert it to a State table.
        1. My interpretation should be confirmed before used
      2. Ritisha can use whatever system she prefers.